Random Goings-On

There’s been bunch of activity here in the Bean household concerning crafts and food. Well, there’s always food but recently I made a conscious decision to get more vegetables into my diet, come hell or high water. I finally hit up the Greenmarket at Union Square yesterday and I had a ball! There were many vendors selling all manner of edible goodness, some pricy(like heirloom tomatoes at $4.75/lb), and some just right(various squash at $1.00/lb). It was dizzying to say the least, but I can’t wait to go back! šŸ˜‰

Farmer's Market Goodies

Clockwise: Yellow Summer Squash, Zucchini, Sweet Basil and Yellow Onions.

These ingredients made up part of the Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake I made for dinner tonight.

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake
I’d left out the other cheeses called for in this recipe because I forget to purchase them. Next time, they will be added. It’s really yummy, though the Beanlets weren’t too thrilled. Too bad, they’re not the ones cooking. šŸ˜‰ There’s still one yellow and one green squash left. Not sure what to do with them. Refrigerator pickles may be in order.

As for yarn craft, the Eileen sweater got picked back up again during a fun evening of chatting with some knit buddies on G+. I forced myself to get over my fear of knitting the shoulders(I’ve had this fear since I first started knitting sweaters in pieces), and just did it. I’m not actually at the shoulder decreases yet, but I’m no longer scared of them.. There was a brief moment of “Noooooo” when I couldn’t figure out what was happening last, even though the chart is marked. I solved that and it was party time!

Eileen progress

Now, I’m looking forward to starting the next sweater.

There’s been some other crafty FO’s too, but that’s the next post.



2 comments on “Random Goings-On

  1. Adriene says:

    This year is the first year I’ve managed to grow yellow squash like those. I’m so excited! They don’t seem to grow into the monsters that the green ones tend to do, but that’s probably a good thing. I don’t think we’d get through them if they did!

    Nice work with Eileen! I can imagine the decreases could be a nightmare with those cables. Well done for sticking with it!

  2. Zonda says:

    That squash casserole looked delicious! I like to roast my zucchini. I also take the yellow squash and slice it up in circles, add some butter and onions to a pan and let it simmer until everything is steamed…yum…you could use anything in it. Pretty sweater, is it for you?

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