7 thoughts on “Canned!”

  1. I used to make pickles, have fun eating them. Something so good about homemade ones. No one else will eat them in my family so I stopped a long time ago. Jams/jelly’s are fun to can as well. Hoping the tomatoes taste good for you.

  2. I love the pictures! 🙂 I usually can and pickle myself, but this year I am too lazy…Good for you to try your hand at it. You’ll see, they will be the most amazing pickles you ever had! I kid you not! You can now customise them to your personal liking instead of buying the ones off the shelf! I don’t pickle enough for us to never buy pickles in the shop, but every now and then to have some home made pickles is a great treat! 🙂

  3. So I’m your New Jersey counterpart. I have huge cukes and tomatoes and yellow squash. Also huge jalapeno peppers and wonderful collard greens. I blanched my tomatoes and removed the skin then diced them and stored them using my food saver. I don’t like hot stuff but I grow hot peppers so I’m going to make hot pepper sauce. Recipe calls for boiling vinegar and pouring it over peppers and storing in a dark cabinet for three weeks at least. Then I read another recipe and it says look out for mold. Really? Anyway I’m going to try it. Another recipe says add corn oil to help cut down on the probability of mold. I’ll let you know what happens

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