FOs and WIPs!

Lots going on the past week or so at Chez BeanKnit. There’s been a flurry of finished projects and well as completed sections of WIPs. And of course more canning. 😉


I would have loved to make some fruit jellies but I can’t seem to get my hands on any pectin(the stuff that causes jelly and jam to thicken) without ordering online. Budget-conscious and all that. So, the next best thing? Applesauce. I hit up the farmer’s market the other day and picked up 6lbs of Empire and Red Delicious apples. Prepped, cooked down and ready to process:

It was just a matter of time...

Just two jars for now. Maybe next month I’ll try some different apples and get enough for several pints or a few quart jars. This stuff goes fast with the Beanlets around. The fridge pickles I mentioned in the last post were yummy, so I know the stored jars have the real goodies in them. Sigh. Patience is a virtue? Are you sure?

Anyway on to the knitting.

Socks galore!
Plain toe up socks
Almost Java Socks Hat Heel sock number 1

Top to bottom: Plain toe-up socks in a wool yarn gifted to me, 2×1 ribbed “Almost Java” socks in Misty Mountain Farms Prime Alpaca, and one of the Hat Heel socks I started eons ago, and have just recently found while trying to locate a missing ball of sock yarn. Turns out, the sock WAS the yarn. I about tore up the house looking for what I thought would be an unused ball of Lorna’s Lace Shepherd Sock, and found some missing needles in the process. 😉

I should point out that I put off finishing the Hat Heels because there seemed to be some issues/errors with the construction of the heel. As it turns out, this has to be the BEST-fitting sock I’ve ever knit. And of course, since I was so disgusted with the pattern I deleted any and all info about the project and don’t know what size needle I used. I’m gonna bank on it having been a US1.

Then, there’s Eileen!

Eileen back

The back is done! I’m about halfway done with a front section. So far, so good. I’m wondering now if it’ll be a little big on me. I wouldn’t mind so much, since I like to wear t-shirts all year long and this would allow me to be comfortable when indoors without freezing while I’m outside. I do think my next sweater will be a pullover of some sort.

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on here with the crafts. I have been wanting to sew more lately so perhaps that’s in store for me this weekend..



One comment on “FOs and WIPs!

  1. Wow I’m impressed! Lots accomplished. I made a hot pepper sauce with my jalapeno peppers. Will let you know if I’m successful.

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