My mind’s still a bit frazzled from the mini-earthquake/Hurricane Irene occurrences of the last week so I’m just going to do an update post, hold the humor.


Instead of making another sleep mask I decided to try my luck at making a camera strap cover.

Camera strap cover!

Nice and simple. In hindsight I probably should have padded it and spent the time to press the seams open so you don’t get that divot along the seamlines. All in all, it was a quick sew and I’m looking forward to making more strap covers with padding.


I’m almost done with one of the fronts for Eileen, but I got sidetracked by some bus knitting. I’d made a few trips around town last week and needed something portable to work on. I still haven’t memorized the chart for Eileen so I took some sock yarn and cast on. In just a few days I’ve already passed the heel on the one I started. I’ll probably go back to Eileen before I cast on the mate.


First Carrot Cake

I made carrot cake! Yay! Well, maybe. It was fun to make and the cream cheese icing was easy and delicious but the cake itself, well. It was OK, but not as moist as I’d have liked. I might have over-baked it because with a cup of oil and 4! eggs, it shouldn’t have been so dry. Oh well. The Beanlets like it so that’s all that matters, right? πŸ˜‰

There was also a first attempt at making my own corn tortilla chips:

Homemade Tortilla chips and Salsa

Those didn’t go over well at all. I don’t know where I went wrong, so I just gave up and bought a bag from the store. The salsa, though? Awesome! It was originally supposed to be tomato sauce and I jumbled up the processing steps and it came out too chunky to be ‘sauce’. I am now planning to try and make this mistake again on purpose to get more salsa. It’s a hit!

Here’s what I remember doing:
I blanched 6lbs of plum and regular tomatoes to get the skins off
Chopped and boiled them down for about 20 minutes, then added a large white onion and large green pepper, both chopped up into about 3/4inch pieces.

Boiled that down about 10 min more to soften the pepper and onion, and added about a teaspoon of seasoning salt.

Then, in batches I pureed the mixture to what was a salsa-y texture. I stopped at that texture because the mixture was hot and somehow spilling out of the food processor. That’s when I just said “F it!” and jarred it all up and did the heat seal thing.

I SHOULD have pureed the tomatoes alone to get the sauce texture I was aiming for. I actually followed a recipe for that which is probably why I got it right the first time. Oh well, learn something every day!


I’m currently working on putting my current photography themed posts and any future posts onto a separate blog. Stay tuned for the launch! πŸ™‚


One comment on “Updates

  1. nashe says:

    your one busy lady !!!having crafty fun i see !!!

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