Back in the swing of things

First off, Happy New Year 2012!

Quite a bit has occurred since my last post.There’s been some knitting/crocheting of new projects, as well as finishing up an old, long-standing WIP.

In the finish-up department:

There’s the Cable Plait Bag that I started wayyyyy back in 2009. Finished it Christmas Day, 2011.

Plait Cable Bag done!

I actually had to call Big Beanlet back to get a picture of it, because she’d run off with it before I could finish a sentence. I’d been putting off lining the bag for fear that I’d mess it up. Silly me needs to get a picture of the lining; I don’t know why I didn’t think to do that before I let it out of my sight again.

After that, though, I got back into a bout of startitis and wound up working on a Half-Granny Square shawl, which I actually started and finished before I even bothered with the bag. I’d bought two skeins of this awesome Loops and Threads Luxury Sock yarn, but found myself crocheting the shawl instead of actually making socks. Since crochet takes more yarn than knitting, I went back for another two skeins to complete the project. (Gotta love coupons from Michaels and A.C. Moore!).

Crochet sock yarn shawl

All of these were finished before the near year began, and I’m now on a new ‘mission’ to complete and work on projects with a different goal/inspiration in mind. I’ll detail that more in the next post.


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