Hookin’ Again( Or, Yay, Crochet!)

I started out crocheting years ago, as a child. I picked it up again as a young adult but by my third child I was ready for something new, so I learned to knit..

Over the years I kept seeing those long crochet hooks or sometimes double-ended ones and didn’t know what they were for. Right before I learned to knit I dabbled in what is called Tunisian(or Afghan) crochet and it was ok, but I didn’t quite get it that first time around.

Fast forward to 2012 where I met some lovely ladies in a G+ Hangout and re-learned the process. I’ve since cast on for a Red Scarf project submission but I put it down because the hook was just too fiddly and too small for the yarn I am using.

Just last week I purchased a larger, flexible, double-ended crochet hook and I will restart the scarf. But in the meantime I’ve started a cute little dishcloth, a la a pattern from Jennifer Hansen, on Craftsy.com (The course in which the pattern appears is $29.99–check it out!)

The smaller, stiff hook I was using for the scarf would probably go better with this Sugar N Cream yarn but I’m going to keep on keepin’ on until I finish. The next one will get the smaller hook, so that I can free this one up for the scarf. 😉

What’ve I been up to?

Tunisian Dishcloth(Craftsy.com class)–:

Tunisian Dishcloth

Honey Badger Socks(Ravelry link)– Made in scrumptious Shalimar Yarns ‘Breathless’ in colorway ‘Sedge’:
Honey Badger Socks Honey Badger Socks close-up

Cotton Granny Square Apron(two separate links)–:

Granny Square Apron

This apron is actually a mixture of two ‘patterns’. The square featured is not in the original apron concept pattern, but I figured any square would work.


I’ve since finished the Sari Lace Triangle and all that needs blocking is the corners. Yeah. It’s so big I couldn’t fit it all on a queen-sized bed.


Maybe if I’m lucky, after these, I’ll catch a bout of finish-itis and clean up my WIPs. One can dream, right? 😉


What are you working on?




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