Been busy doing everything… and nothing.

Since my last post I’ve worked on a bunch of projects but strangely, most of them didn’t work out for one reason or another..

I did complete the Suri Lace Triangle and blocked it all, save the corners. One of these days there will be pictures. Then there was the Gemini top. It’s a lovely top but it just wasn’t working. Days of knitting on sport weight yarn and after all that effort, the damn thing was way too big in the armholes and neckline. User error/misinterpretation caused me to knit the wrong size, but upon review, knitting the right size wouldn’t have worked either. I’m still debating if I want to leave a scathing review about that. I just find it hard to believe that other plus-size women have knit  this same top, but none of them claimed to have the issues I did. Of course, we’re not all the same kind of plus-size so they probably had the features that would have made Gemini work for them. I don’t. The yarn goes to the frog pile until I can sell it. But hell no, am I ever knitting sport weight for an adult top/sweater again.

Then, Big Girl is graduating middle school! But first, there was the 6th grade ball Boy Beanlet attended. I made a dress to wear and farked that up royally. It IS fixable, but my procrastination prevented me from fixing it in time. Now, less than a week to graduation and I’ve no motivation to fix the dress so I can just wear it again.

So, I got a bug in my rear to re-try the one-seam/convertible/infinity dress I tried way back when. I goofed yet again, cutting the circle skirt waist big enough to fit a house. I’m big, but not THAT big. I *could* just cut out the excess fabric and make a seam(making it a two-seam dress!), but, the fabric frayed like hell and I’d have to make hems on the straps a foot wide to hide that.  Seeing as the straps themselves are a foot wide… you get the idea.

I’ve since purchased more fabric, this time a single knit so that the edges curl instead of fraying. I even stood in the shop pulling the cut edges to see if it would fray. I know other customers must have been like, WTF?! Hopefully, I’ll get this one done without a(nother) hitch.

Why not grace the comment section with your latest creations/inspiration? I’d love to hear from you!



5 comments on “Been busy doing everything… and nothing.

  1. Would love to inspire but I have been spinning in the same small circle for months now. I was happy to be asked to teach summer school but it was more than a notion and I have started several projects and not finished anything. I bought a sewing machine to teach myself how to sew and haven’t had much time. Anyway inspiration! Summer is beginning the crew will be out of school and hopefully you will have more time to let the creative juices flow!

    • ladybean73 says:

      Thank you for the comment! I actually *am* looking forward to summer sewing, as this will be the first summer ever where all my kidlets are involved in something that will sort of resember school hours. Speaking of spinning, though, I did recently pick up the Turkish spindle again, and am loving it! It’s a great way to spin up small braids of fiber.

  2. chanecia17 says:

    Ok wordpress is starting to annoy me. Here we go again! Craftwise I’ve done NADA! I’ve have a cardi otn for Thing 2, FOREVER, just need to finish the sleeves, and she has short arms, so I dont know what I’m waiting for. I do want to make several maxi dresses, skirts, and headbands, but I’ve yet to pull out Bertha. One day soon! Perhaps.

    • ladybean73 says:

      I know what you mean. I have a sweater otn for littlest Beanlet too. Still need to finish the neck/collar ribbing. Damn. It’s already going on too small for her when I started it. Probably just rip and do it over anyway. After I finished the dress I made for Big girl’s graduation(pics coming in a bit), I got a wild hair to get some skirts going for Summer. Maxi’s I like, but I’m tired of long a$$ pieces of fabric right about now.

  3. Sherry L Lee says:

    hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m mommychickie looking you up maybe 😉

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