It’s been a long time…

since my last post, I know. I have been working on projects of the yarny kind and here’s the proof:

Not one, but two! crocheted Chevron Lace cardigans. One for me, and one for littlest Beanlet.

Matchy Chevron Lace Cardigans

Chevron side(child)

Chevron front (adult)

We have been getting compliments left and right on these sweaters, especially when we were them at the same time. I’ve since moved on to knitting a different sweater that I will feature in another post(read: when I get a decent photo of it!). But little one has taken to spending a little more than a few minutes every morning trying to decide which one to wear that day. After I finish some school sweaters for the older two Beanlets I may go and make yet another for her( my most appreciative yarn-gift recipient of the three), before I get started on another for myself.

This will serve as my ‘Rhinebeck sweater’ for this year’s visit. Yes! I’m finally going again after a long, 4-year absence. I can’t WAIT!!! 😀  Are you going? If so, hope to meet you there!

In this post:

Chevron Lace Cardigan

About 8 balls of Red Heart Super Saver(mill ends) in Aran Fleck

Size 48 done for me in a K hook, Size 44 for her, but with a G hook

Both of these took  4 days each of work, having not worked on any other projects.

One comment on “It’s been a long time…

  1. They look great. Glad you’re alive and kickin

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