I always do it to myself (NaBloPoMo–day 5)

Procrastination: That thing you do when you don’t want to do something.  I always do it to myself. That, or I get distracted by the shiny and awesome and forget to do what I need to.

Take today’s cold weather, for instance. Scrambling for warm hats at last minute this morning reminded me that it’s time to work on more winter wear. Why didn’t I think of this back in September?? Oh yeah, prepping for Rhinebeck and such. Getting into the groove of a new school year. Rhinebeck. Dealing with crazy in-laws. And once again, Rhinebeck. 😉

As it were, the festival was warm for October. Last time I went I was freezing. This year, we’re all sweating and removing all the handknits we wore to show off. But now, it’s time or the cold-weather wear. This year I want to do something different: instead of long-ass scarves I will pick out some cowls and such. Same purpose, not so long and dangly. They’re much quicker(especially if knit in worsted, chunky or bulky), and as long as the kids’ necks are warm, I really don’t think they’ll care that it’s not a traditional scarf.

I’m also planning on doing a few charity hats this time around, for various charities as I hear about them. I heard tell someone local to me was collecting warm items for Sandy survivors; I’ll gladly send a few their way.  I have a few patterns in mind; nothing too fancy, but varied enough not to bore me to tears.  I’m currently in the process of making school-color sweaters for the two biggest Beanlets, and I just got a mitten request from little one. Oy, I’ll need at least 10 pairs of arms to get all that done.  Oh well, I asked for it.

If it’s Fall for you now, are you yarn-ready for Winter? 😉



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