What Can I Say? (NaBloPoMo day 6)

Not a lot of crafting got done today. Too emotionally stressed today. The Presidential Election just drains me.  I’ve mostly managed to internalize the insanity surrounding this election and could move through the daily routines smoothly. Some days were  harder than others. I don’t know what the future holds. I think that sucks the most.


I went out to vote early this morning and brought along a sock project, expecting ridiculously long lines. I was, instead, out of there rather quickly and had no time to cast on the Jaywalker socks I was planning on. I did manage to cast on a Terzetto hat, and do a few rows of ribbing, but part of me just wasn’t feeling it. Hoping I don’t lose my mojo before my current WIPs are complete.


That spinning project I showed the other day has to come to a halt. One of the spokes of the spindle is designed in such a way that it makes getting the singles/yarn very difficult to get off of it. I spun a good ounce of the fiber and after tugging every which way, risking losing the leader end of the yarn, I decided to wait until the spoke can be replaced. At least my wheel will get a little exercise again. There are some other sets of singles that need plying and I’d already broken my promise to myself to get those done before starting anything new.  To make matters worse I have another 4 oz of hand dyed fiber coming my way soon, and I will have to resist the urge to spin it first. Sigh.  I’m still waiting for those 10 pairs of arms…






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