Wouldn’t You Know It? (NaBloPoMo day 7)

Well. I guess that’s it. Might as well call it winter with the Nor’easter we’re having. Now, it’s not nearly as windy as Sandy was, and this time it’s bringing snow, but I am certain the North East just does NOT need this right now. But one thing is certain. It’s a sign that the cold weather is pretty much here to stay for a while.

I also needed to accept that the Terzetto hat was just not working.  I don’t know if it was the yarn quality, the color or the pattern. I just wasn’t feeling the twisted 1×1 ribbing and the stitch pattern just didn’t pop the way I’d hoped for. I’m gonna go with a combo of bad yarn and bad color.  The brown yarn will make a great plan stockinette hat, but the patterning on Terzetto needs brightness.


So, to soothe my bruised ego I cast on for Turn A Square, instead. So far, so good. Really it’s a striped hat and that can’t be too hard. What makes it special is the manner of crown decreases. I’ve never done a hat with raglan decreases before, so this should prove interesting. At the very least, I’ve become reacquainted with the ‘jogless’ method of striping. I’m using a natural/cream color of Premier Merit wool and leftovers from the bright pink  Eileen sweater I made out of Patons Classic wool.  I’m sure little Beanlet will love it.


In the interest of time I’ve decided to crochet the charity hats. They go faster and I’d like to get them out to the organizers as soon as possible. Of course, the local Save-A-Thon store is having a big sale so I will definitely be checking them out for some good discount acrylics and wool blends. We’ll see.




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