I won! (NaBloPoMo Day 8)

Wow! I spent the first half of the day contemplating my topic for today’s post when I went email-checking and found a Congratulations!  I won the local photowalk contest!

Back on October 13th, was the Scott Kelby Annual World Wide Photowalk and I participated with a group of local photogs under the leadership of Mark Garbowski. All participants were allowed to post a photo to their local photowalk page to enter the photowalk contest. Well, I entered mine in, thinking, “eh, what are the odds?”

Little did I know that I’d win the local contest. I’d sort of forgotten there was one, really. And, to be fair I was apparently the only person to enter a photo(why??). But,

I. WON!  a free copy of the e-book version of Scott’s The Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers”. I had been wanting to get this one but chickened out. Good thing I waited huh? 🙂

Here’s the shot that won:


I can’t wait to dig into that book!


One comment on “I won! (NaBloPoMo Day 8)

  1. g2-dde12ab649f07b3242c01242c1eea1a4 says:

    Congratulations. Again, I love your work. Great capture♥

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