Back in Stride (NaBloPoMo day 11)

It’s been almost exactly a month since my last group photowalk. This afternoon, I met up with 5 other local photographers, who are excellent at what they do, and really friendly people to walk with. Were it not for achy feet and a need to run some errands I probably would have walked the length of Manhattan with them(assuming that’s what they did after we parted ways…).

It was intended to be a Fall foliage walk but after Hurricane Sandy came through, pretty much all the good leaves were blown off the trees. Any full trees left (standing, that is) were either still green or completely bare. I did get some nice shots of the scenery, but I think I did better upstate last month.

The Ramble( a mini-forest with winding paths) saw a lot of damage and we weren’t allowed to walk into it. I’ve walked through there many an afternoon and always found it enjoyable so of course we were quite bummed at the bad news. I was hoping they’d have cleared that by now, but as we walked by I heard buzz saws going, which meant they were still hard at work removing damaged trees. Oh well, Spring time.

The highlight of the afternoon, though, was spotting Pale Male, a popular Red-tailed Hawk that’s been in the news a number of years. I believe Pale Male is 21 and so far has had 8 mates. I thought they mated for life but I guess not. I didn’t see a female around so who knows if he’s flying solo now.  He is beautiful though:

Pale Male in the park


I only wish my zoom could have gone closer. I’m at 270mm right here and I wouldn’t mind going to 400.


Shortly after this sighting, I hit the road and here I am writing this post. 🙂 Now, to relax with a book. I wonder which one I should start with?



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