It’s FO Time! (NaBloPoMo day 12)

FO, is a yarncraft term meaning, “finished object”. I worked on the Turn-a-Square hat and in less than 5 days I’m done. Truthfully, that hat shouldn’t have taken that long. I just stopped to spin a bit and do all the other things a living person needs to do.  After walking all day at the photowalk yesterday I didn’t want to go anywhere, but a last-minute need for printer ink(and a sweet coupon from Michaels) led me down the road. With ink and sock and kid-cowl yarn in hand, I was back home in a flash and picking up the hat.

It is a hit already:



A little big but it’s all wool so I might be able to shrink it just a bit. I do have a hooded cowl on the horizon to go with it, instead of the scarf business, so should the hat go flopping around at least she’ll have the extra layer.  I still have quite a bit of the yarn left for matching mittens.  I’m sure she’ll love the whole thing..





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