My OTHER Favorite Thing (NaBloPoMo day 13)

I love to read. Though lately, I’ve been doing lots of other things, I always come back to it at some point. As a curious(or nosy, depending on who you asked) child, I found reading to be more than just about learning. It took me places I couldn’t go. To times, past or future.  It let me be people I could never be, if only for a few hundred pages.  Reading took me out of the mundane and into something so fantastic, so awe-inspiring, so rich. I could explore the 5 senses without ever leaving the room.  Some stories gripped me to the point where I can recall their plots as if I’d just finished reading them, especially if I’d done so more than once.

Some of my favorite stories? “Lillith’s Brood”, by Octavia E. Butler, which I’ve read two or three times already and I will certainly read it again. Another of my favorites is “The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, by Greg Matthews. I’ve read it three times just from borrowing it from the library and finally scored a softcover edition to keep. I can still remember laughing hysterically at some parts, on the subway on my way to and from high school the first time I read it. Didn’t care if people stared. Still don’t.

Another one is “Watchers”, by Dean Koontz. I picked that one up at the library as a teen, simply out of boredom. I read the back cover and  immediately knew I’d love it because it involved my favorite dog, a Golden Retriever. That was the beginning of a long love affair with all things Dean Koontz and all his previous pen names.  Some other memorable books are “Wild Seed”, also by Octavia E. Butler, “The Ceremonies”, by T.E.D. Klein, and a bunch of cat-oriented mysteries by Charlotte McLeod, starting with “The Family Vault”.  In fact, I’m currently looking into getting a hold of  her books and enjoying them again.

For now, though, I’ve stocked my Kindle Fire with a slew of goodies I can’t make up my mind about.  I did get a bit into that Lightroom book and it’s already got me planning on reorganizing my photos and getting a spare external drive.  Better get on that before it goes boom.


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