My Love-Hate for Handknit Sweaters (NaBloPoMo Day 14)

I knit my first adult sweater back in 2004. Well, I started it back in 2004. I didn’t finish it til about halfway through 2005.  It was then my Love-Hate relationship with knit sweaters began. I’d see something awesome, get the materials(or something close to it) and start. And somewhere along that line one of several things will happen:

1) I’ll find an error in the pattern I can’t figure out and have to rip it and call it a day.

2) I’ll get bored with the actual knitting and stall on it.

3) I’ll finish all the pieces and stall on  blocking the pieces so I can seam them.

4) I’ll have blocked them and stall on the seaming itself.

5)I’ll have seamed it and stall on weaving in the ends.. You get the picture. Procrastination galore. That’s always been an issue, not just with crafting. Or,

6) I’ll get it all done in a timely manner and

a) It won’t fit correctly( or at all!)

b) It will fit ok, but somehow it’ll get ruined.

Take the Incredible Custom-Fit raglan that’s floating around the web, for instance. I knit a swatch, took my measurements and knit a sweater that I could fit 1.5 of me in. I tried felting it to shrink it a bit but that didn’t work. At all.

Then there’s the Central Park Hoodie, which my MIL got a hold of during a house move, and did manage to felt. That sweater took me all of 4 months to knit, seam and weave in the ends(one of my fastest knit sweaters), and she undid it all in a 20 minute wash.


That stung me to a point where I vowed I’d never knit another sweater again. That was about 4 years ago. I finally got my courage back in late 2009 when I spun for and began the Heather Hoodie. Unfortunately, I didn’t spin enough yarn and there was no more of the fiber. That got ripped out.  Early in 2011 during a crazy snow storm I cast on for Eileen and, between gauge and sizing issues and stalling for (you guessed it) seaming, I completed it, zipper and all just in time for Rhinebeck 2012.


In a matter of 8 years I’ve gone from



Eileen is finished!

and I think I’m ready for more. As soon as I finish blocking and seaming Boy Beanlet’s sweater… 😉



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