Another FO (NaBloPoMo Day 15)

Harlequin Hoodie

Harlequin hoodie

She loves it!

The Harlequin Hoodie is finished. I changed things a little by making less rows on the hood and cowl to fit her smaller head. I’m tempted to make one of these for myself; I’d need the full 18 rows for the hood. Big Beanlet requested one too. Sigh. I can’t keep up with kid knits as it is; I’ve no business adding to the queue.

I used 2 and about 1/3 of a 3rd ball of Loops and Threads “Impeccable” in the Holland colorway. That was a little depressing as crochet tends to use way more yarn than knitting for the same size garment, but to be fair, the put-up for this yarn is less than what I’m used to for acrylics. Oh well. The rest will become matching mittens. I tried the edging in the same yarn and it wasn’t ‘popping’ so I made the edging from some leftover pink Erdal “Lazer”. I think it worked out well. It came in handy because today was picture day, and while I wanted little one to stay warm, I didn’t want her hair messed up by a standard hat.

All in all, I enjoyed this quick project. Try it yourself!



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