A Good Day (NaBloPoMo Day 17)

I had a good day. You know, the kind of day where you look forward to bed, not because you’re tired but because everyone else is asleep and you can lay back and relive the day and smile.


OK, to be honest, I’m not sure if my enjoyment of the day is smile-worthy but it was still a good day.  I made progress on my Harlequin Hoodie and am ready for the next step. Pictures tomorrow. I’d have taken them today, but between working on that and v-chatting with my knitgirls, I finished spinning the red Merino. Woohoo! All done. I think it’s about 4 oz. Wish I had my trusty scale to be sure.


Now that I’ve cleaned off the craft table a bit I can see stuff. Like the ounce of Suri Alpaca/Sparkle I picked up at Rhinebeck last month. I tend to prefer plying my spindle-spun singles on the wheel to get it done faster and more evenly, so my spindle is now free to try the Alpaca. I’m so nervous about it, because I really want to get this spun as fine as possible without over-spinning or getting too many thicker spots/blobs. I am considering spinning from the fold, very. slowly. We’ll see.


Dinner is long gone and even the cat’s asleep. I’m gonna cut this short and hit the sack and work on “White Heat”.




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