Random Thoughts (NaBloPoMo Day 19)

Ha. I did yesterday’s post so early in the day, by the time I’m doing this, it feels like I missed a day. Go figure.


Just random thoughts for today:


Gee, working with an OpenOffice database can be crazy-making. Eventually I got it working.  It was time to catalog all the fiber I have and I figured a database would keep me honest(yeah, right…). Truth be told I don’t need anymore fiber. Well, at least until this stuff is all spun up! 😉


I miss going out and shooting at the gardens and zoos. I had hoped once school started up after Sandy I could get back into it, but blah. I did a little photo walk last Sunday and that’s been about it. I do plan to see the Holiday Train show at the NY Botanical Garden this year. I learned from last year NOT to go when everybody and their mom was rushing in. As members of the garden I didn’t expect a huge crowd for the member’s preview. Boy was I wrong. So, one of these days I’ll mosey in on a weekday first thing and have the run of the place. Heh.


Oh man, it just hit me why I’ve been thinking, “Gee it’s so warm in here…”. I had on too many layers. I usually wear t-shirts all year round, with the occasional turtleneck and of course a knit sweater. Somehow in my absentminded-ness, I put on a shirt AND a turtleneck. Sigh. Oh well, it’s done.


I am beat. Gonna curl up and hopefully finish “White Heat”. It’s been a longer book than I expected. I guess not all free Kindle e-books are short wrecks. 😉




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