Countdown to Turkey Day, and Wheel Madness (NaBloPoMo Day 20)

It has begun, the countdown to Thanksgiving family gatherings. This year it’s the husband’s cousin’s house. We’re not going to do anything super fancy but I’d like the kids to look half decent. It is a holiday, after all.

Sweater Blocking

Boy Beanlet’s sweater is on the blocking board. I figured I could get it blocked tonight, seamed tomorrow and ready to go Thursday. Totally workable. That is, if I can put the Harlequin down and stop spinning fiber. 😉


You know it. I have yet to ply the Loop batt(that should be next), and I’ve already started spinning the lavender roving I got from the Little Barn tent at Rhinebeck. And then I heard it: clunk, clunk, clunk…


I have a Fricke Double-treadle spinning wheel. Have had it since Feb. 2007. It’s still working well but from time to time, the hex screw holding the footman assembly to the drive wheel gets loose(it’s in a shallow ditch rather than a proper hole, WTF?) and there’s this jerking clunk as I treadle. If I don’t fix that, the damn thing just falls off on me. So, I set out to reseat the screw and…


I couldn’t get the damn thing OUT! Try as I might it would not budge. Now, I have two sets of allen keys.  One has several more keys than the other and I couldn’t find the bigger one. I wasn’t sure if the bigger one had a proper sized key so I assumed the key I was trying was correct but that somehow either the screw was stripped or the key was worn. Panic set in as I figured I’d lost my wheel and I’m in no position to get another any time soon.  I like to spindle, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t usually do more than a few ounces on them.

I tried everything. I tried sticking cloth into the hole to make the key thicker to get a grip on the inside of the screw. Nope. I tried gripping the sides of the screw with a pliers.. Nope. Then, the Mr. found the bigger set of allen keys and YAY! It had the right size key.


I was able to get the screw out, reseat it, clean up a bunch of gunk on the drive shaft and was good to go. Of course now, it’s late and I’m pooped and ready to relax with a new book. I told you I’d finish “White Heat” last night and I did. Now onto something new!





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