It Didn’t Happen… (NaBloPoMo Day 21)

Of course it didn’t. I wimped out. I got the shoulders seamed on the boy sweater and that’s about it. I really don’t like seaming. Of course, there’s a mess of work to handle if you knit in the round and it has its own issues. Ah well. I think he’ll be warm enough with a regular sweat jacket and his coat.


What did happen was I solved the mystery of the clunking footman. After last night’s fiasco concerning getting the hex screw out, it started clunking again. To make a long story short, something had to be removed. Granted, the item in question was supposed to be on the wheel but not where I’d put it. It wouldn’t FIT where it’s supposed to go, which is why I put it where it wound up. But it’s gone now and things are moving much smoother without it. Now to solve the bobbin rattle…


So, I got to put some more work into the lavendar Little Barn stuff. It’s a fairly easy spin, if a bit rough. This won’t be socks that’s for sure. It was suggested I make felted slippers. Perhaps, but I was thinking more along the lines of some sort of bag, or pouch for a tablet. I could really use the slippers though. But my bad luck with felting garments to fit scares me away.  Sigh, decisions..


Time for relaxation and mental prep for Thanksgiving with the (out)laws. 😉




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