And There It Goes…(NaBloPoMo Days 24-30)

I knew I couldn’t do it. I start out all gung-ho and lose steam. Never fails. I can live with it. I’m just not that deep. If I don’t have anything to say, I don’t say anything. And so it goes with blogging. Oh sure, I probably could pop something out regularly if I were being compensated for it, and yes, I know, blogging shouldn’t always be about money. But hell, not a whole lot happened in those 7 days, so I moved on quietly.


OK that’s not entirely true. In those 7 days, I finished the Loop Batt, and the Lavendar No-name fiber. At least 200 yds on each of those, weight to be determined. Now I’ve got the Little Bart Coopworth on the bobbin.  I started it out on the spindle and it just didn’t draft well. Once I switched to the wheel it was easy breezy. But I then realized I can’t long-draw for shit and gave up on ever doing that. I’m an inch worm/short-draw spinner, and I’m OK with that.

I cast on and finished a brown hat to match my Harlequin. And queded a crap-ton of projects I shouldn’t have when I have a bunch of untouched WIPs and stacks of other things already in the queue. No wonder I can’t finish anything; I can’t finish anything! 😉


I also realized I’m going to have to get it together concerning DIY projects I’ve been wanting to do. Like making my own PVC niddy-noddy and skein winder. I’d like to take another shot at making my own door-table but this time, I’ll use a solid door and sturdier legs. I still would like a folding option, which will complicate things, as I hadn’t been able to locate a sturdy pair of folding legs anywhere the last time I tried a door-table. I’ll have to look harder next year.


So much to do, so little time. Bit off more than I could chew, but, unlike with food, I can spit some out, set it aside and take it slow. Yeah, who am I kidding. Full speed ahead! I must craft All. The. Things!






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