Latest FO: Confetti the Zombie Cat Stuffie

Confetti the Zombie Cat


Finished him several days ago and I’m working on a second. This one is going to a charity but the next is going to Littlest Beanlet.  I had quite a bit left over of this yarn so I’m using up that plus other stash yarn. I have this ginormous bag of poly fill that never seems to empty and that’s being put to good use.


This is simple Craft Smart yarn from Michaels, I think their ‘house’ brand. Not a lot of colors as far as I know but I liked this variegated colorway and I figured it didn’t matter who got it, as they’d probably be happy just to have it.


Not a whole lot more on the needles right now other than some long-standing WIPs I don’t want to touch.  That cabled hat from the last post was part of a monthly project I’m doing with my Vchat ladies. January was a hat. February will be colorwork but I have NO idea what pattern I will do. I got wind of a crocheted colorwork hat pattern that I just might try. We will see.


Also, I’d like to get more blue into my crafting this year. Spring-y, Summer-y blues. And greens too. I grew up obsessed with the color red so I figure it’s time for a change. Only time will tell..





4 comments on “Latest FO: Confetti the Zombie Cat Stuffie

  1. Oiyi says:

    The color pooled perfectly for this cat. Love it.

  2. BEANIIIIIIIIE! I lost the link to your blog ! I missed the lot of you! How iseverybody? Is the old “Knitty chat gang” still going some place? Let me know!
    LOVE the cat!

    • ladybean73 says:

      Hi Spin!! 🙂 I’m afraid the chat group has pretty much broken up. I see them through FB or the occasional get together but that’s about it. I see you’re still working hard, always creating beautiful things!

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