NaKniSweMo Day 21-22

And so it goes. I figured I’d eventually screw up somewhere. I managed, after 3 weeks to knit the sleeves together. I’ve knit countless socks, two at a time, on the magic loop(OK maybe only 3 pairs), and never had this happen:



Yeah.  Just imagine the frustration when I noticed I’d f’d this up. It’s nothing too bad and it was only a short round to tink back, but still. I was on a roll!!

I’ve also discovered, yet again, that my row gauge sucketh. So, I’m having to start the cuffs sooner than expected. No matter. I’ll just leave that last. I’ve already moved the body back onto the needles so I can go from there. The next big dilemma is,  “to waist-shape or not to waist-shape”. Hmm.. that’s another discussion for another day..




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