Stealth Health( Or, I Finally Bought a Ninja Blender)



So,  almost two weeks ago, this happened. Back at the beginning of January I started the Simple Green Smoothies 30-day Challenge, wherein I drink at least one green smoothie a day for 30 days. So far, so good. I’m really enjoying the journey and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I’m actually starting to see benefits.. 🙂 Even the kids and Mr. BeanKnit are getting in on this. He even wants to get his own personal device(a NutriBullet, to be exact) to take with him to work. I’m all for it!


16 days into the challenge my 5-year-old Cuisinart Blender carafe went to blender heaven. Not wanting to fail on this challenge I started immediately checking out a new blender. I’d heard wonderful things about VitaMix and BlendTec blenders but they’re WAY out of my price range. I’d also heard about the Magic/Nutri Bullet thingies but wanted something that could blend larger quantities, should I want to blend something other than smoothies( ie, sauces). Enter  the Ninja line of blenders.  Ninja came with impressive reviews as well, but I like to check and double check to see what, if any complaints there were. They were plenty, and most of them seemed to be about a few specific issues, but after some thought and glowing reviews from people I know and trust, I took a leap of faith and got one myself.


Whoa. I’m in love with this thing. (Shh. don’t judge.) I do have ONE issue which turns out to also be part of what makes this blender so good: The blade is a 3-level deal, so it creates a whirlwind inside the carafe and gets EVERYTHING. The bad thing about this is that, it’s a tall blade and putting greens in and trying to get them to the bottom without slicing myself up is tricky. I just let the leaves sit where they land and pour in a liquid and it’s all good. I’m just so used to the tiny, short blade in the other blender..

Which leads me to the plus about this set-up. The blade comes out from WITHIN the carafe, allowing me to fill it with water as I clean it. The other one, you pull the blade out from the bottom and with no bottom attached, well yeah.

This thing BLENDS. At 1100 watts, no wonder! Some  have complained it’s loud(it is), but with that much strength do you expect it to be whisper silent.? (IJS, Ninja is PROBABLY not a good name for it if it’s that noisy… 😉 ) But yeah, it’s a real workhorse. I especially like the single serve cup attachment. Quick and easy, though I regret that the sip spout doesn’t close so traveling with the cup is a joke. I heard tell I can buy separate lids that are fully closed so I’ll be looking into that.

So, for now, I’m sold on this Ninja Blender. Warning though, do NOT attempt to use this to mix muffin batter. Don’t ask.


4 comments on “Stealth Health( Or, I Finally Bought a Ninja Blender)

  1. Karen says:

    Easy way to clean it….pour a couple drops of dishwashing liquid in it, fill about 2/3 with warm water, and turn it back on. I let it run for 30-45 secs, maybe more if I’m doing other things. Dump it out in the sink, take out the blade, rinse it off, rinse off the top and the carafe and you’re done. No scrubbing etc. Of course, it only works well if you do this right after you use it. 🙂

  2. Good to see your post tell me about smoothies. I’m a bit weird about veggies as juice.

    • ladybean73 says:

      Glad you liked the post! I actually do both smoothies AND juicing. With smoothies, add bananas or mangoes or other mushy fruit to sweeten the deal a bit. With juicing, apples, pears or carrots and lemon help too. It’s been a great(and delicious!) journey so far.

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