I swear I’ve been knitting. But rather sparingly, I’m afraid. Between being distracted by the SHINY! of a new dSLR and or not being up to knitting in public, I haven’t been getting a heck of a lot done.

Start of a sock

This is the start of the Java socks. I’ve been nursing this for a few weeks now. These are on some pretty delicate DPNs–0s. I didn’t want to risk dropping these on the multiple bus/subway trips I’ve had to do in recent weeks. I don’t know where my 0s circs are, and for this particular pattern I’m thinking they’d be best done on 3 needles instead of 4. I just like to have even numbers of stitches on the needles whenever possible.

Why don’t I like knitting in public lately, you might ask? It just seems that when I get in a good groove somebody wants to BUG ME about what I’m knitting(and they’re not knitters themselves, mind you) or make some useless comment such as “That looks hard! Is it hard?”. No, what’s hard is me trying not to stab you in your eye with my needles. I’m not usually this anti-social when it comes to crafting but I just prefer to be alone in my thoughts so I don’t fark up and have to tink. With Java being a not-your-everyday sock I’m definitely going to have to leave the project at home if I want to finish it with minimal screw-ups.

Which leads me to Panta.

Pic-a-Day2011-12/3-- Panta

I knit one of these a few years ago and misplaced it. Now, I like hats and such, but the tams/berets I’ve knit or crocheted are either too tight or too loose. I really don’t care about having my entire head covered so much as making sure my ears are covered. So a Panta is probably my best bet. And they’re so quick I could make several in a few different colors in the time it would take to make one hat. Which, considering how much I’ve been knitting lately.. yeah. 😉



4 comments on “Distracted/Cranky

  1. bezzie says:

    No, what’s hard is me trying not to stab you in your eye with my needles.


  2. cici says:

    I love the colors of Java♥ I also close the nice macro shot. Aren’t cameras fun :)) You already know how mad about photography I am ♥

  3. Saffron says:

    I understand how a new DSLR can be distracting. That happened to me when I got mine. 🙂 For me, knitting a lot and lot and lot helps with the crankies. 🙂 (but of course, it depends on the pattern 😉 )

  4. Oiyi says:

    Shiny new toys sure are distracting! I ma not a huge fan of knitting in public. But if it’s a group event, that’s fine by me.

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